Commercial Interior Painting in Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN

Minneapolis & Saint Paul interior painting

When a work environment is aesthetically pleasing, employees work more productively and customers instantly perceive the business in a positive light. However, if the walls are scuffed or paint color is fading, the business gives off an impression of negligence. Fortunately, professional interior painting is an option you have to improve the way employees and customers feel inside your business without spending a lot of money.

At City Wide Painting & Decorating, our mission is to ensure your business interior looks the way you want. Our skilled commercial interior painters use the highest quality materials and application techniques so your walls look great. We have experience painting a variety of commercial properties in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, including:

At City Wide Painting & Decorating, it is our mission to ensure the interior of your business is what you want and need it to be. Our Twin Cities commercial interior painters use their skill to apply the highest quality materials to your walls so they look great. Call us at 952-897-1470 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation commercial interior painting estimate in the Minneapolis or Saint Paul, MN areas.

Experienced Commercial Interior Painting In Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Over the years, we have crafted the perfect painting strategy to ensure satisfying end results. Our approach begins with a design consultation where we help you decide what’s best for your company’s interior space and budget. Perhaps you already have a vision of what you want your business interior to look like, or maybe you need some assistance from our design consultant. With your preferences in mind, we present you with color options, giving you ample choices so you’re not limited in your selection.

Once you make your choices, the painting process begins. We take all necessary preliminary steps, including removing old wallpaper, disposing of lead paint, repairing holes, re-texturing walls, and performing other surface preparations. Then we apply your chosen paint color and patterns with the proper techniques, which include traditional brushing and rolling, professional spraying, and unique faux finishing.

After the paint is applied and we have your approval, we clean up after ourselves to avoid disrupting your business operations any further. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with the finished product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial Interior Painting Enhances Employee Productivity & Customer Appeal

If your employees work in a dark, uninviting setting, this could be one reason for their productivity issues. Integrate cheerful color schemes and design elements to improve the appearance of your business and help foster creativity. We can help you brighten the walls to create a cheerier, more productive work space.

The same elements that help your employees work more productively also appeal to your customers. Fresh paint on the walls breathes new life into your Minneapolis or Saint Paul business, making it appear current, fashionable and well-maintained, all of which are qualities customers look for when choosing where to take their business.

Contact a Minneapolis & Saint Paul Commercial Interior Painter

At City Wide Painting & Decorating, we carefully consider what you need the environment to accomplish and offer paint colors and design options to help you reach your goals. Then our highly experienced commercial interior painters perform the work with the highest degree of professionalism so you know the paint will last.

To learn more about our interior painting services Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or throughout the Twin Cities region, request a free estimate online or call us at 952-897-1470.


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