Additional Services

When you call us to enhance the interior or exterior appearance of your commercial building or workspace, we can match you with the colors and coverings that will give the space the aesthetic appeal you are looking for. Paint and wallpaper can make or break a project, so it is important that the end result is the right one.

If you are ready to find the right color and product for your walls, City Wide Painting & Decorating can help you. Our expert design consultants will talk to you about what you want and then our painters and wallpaper installers will make sure that everything is done right. As a leading Minneapolis & St. Paul wallpaper installer and painting company, we know that aesthetic appeal can be everything to your business.

Professional Design Consultation

When you talk to a design consultant, everything about the room to be painted or wallpapered is taken into consideration. This helps find the right color, the right paper, and the right design. When you are trying to give your patrons a good first impression and you want to maintain that impression, this phase is very important. We will listen to what your vision is, account for your budget, and present you with options that will work for the space.

Expert Wallpaper Installation

There are many different wallpaper designs you can choose from and we will take the design that you choose and install it the right way. We use only the best products to ensure that the wallpaper stays in place. This is not your typical wallpapering job where the wallpaper will start to peel away in a matter of months. This is professional wallpapering that is designed to last.

Here are some reasons why you may wish to choose wallpaper from City Wide Painting & Decorating:

  • We have expert wallpaper installers and craftsmen
  • We can remove old wallpaper before installing the new wallpaper
  • We complete projects within the projected time period and do so on a budget within the contract guidelines
  • We use the highest quality wallpapers
  • We ensure the work area is properly cleaned up when done and we maintain an orderly environment during installation
  • We are licensed and insured so you have the peace of mind that you are taken care of by experts

There are different types of wallpaper services that we are able to perform, such as wallpaper removal. A wonderful aspect of wallpaper is that you can opt for different textures, colors, prints, and thicknesses. Our Twin Cities wallpaper consultants and experts will review everything with you so that you can be satisfied with your choice and the end result.

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When you want your commercial walls painted or wallpapered right with the best materials, it is ideal to go with a company that understands what it takes to give the customer exactly what they want. Since 1989, City Wide Painting & Decorating has provided businesses in the Twin Cities with quality service that they can trust. To learn more about the services offered, call today at 952-897-1470 or contact us online to get your free quote.